Feedback Tool

The feedback tool is used to upload engine statistics to Sophos. It is recommended that you make use of this tool because it provides SophosLabs with valuable information that it uses to increase spam catch rates. It should be set to run once every five minutes.

This stand-alone application can be run from a shell (such as by cron on Linux/Unix platforms) or as a sub-task. The feedback tool has a number of options (defined below). For example, if you need to specify a proxy server, use --proxy. Or, to preview the data that will be uploaded to Sophos, use the --dry-run option.

Usage (Windows):


Usage (Linux):



--statsdir   -s    location of statistics data (core.statistics-directory)
--proxy      -p    proxy location (for example,
--username   -n    username for proxy authentication
--password   -a    password for proxy authentication
--url --cdfs -u    HTTP URL for feedback data (CDFS)
--cert       -c    Optional Certificate Authority certificate to use
                   for authentication with server
--verbose    -v    displays the uploaded report
--dry-run    -d    do not actually upload the report; implies --verbose
--help       -h    display this help and exits

The --statsdir or -s is the only required option, and it specifies the feedback directory. The feedback file is required.

The feedback file must contain at a minimum:

Report-Version: 3

Other information may be included, using the format KEY: VALUE.